We’re Terrible!

  Terribly good at providing experienced-based product reviews for beach and other outdoor gear.

Our moto: Leave it better than you find it!

It’s early days for our website and we’re still undergoing continual updates, so check back often.

We welcome any comments and suggestions to make this site better. 

We are Toads on a mission. We provide experienced-based reviews on the best beach and camping gear out there! We never review anything we haven’t thoroughly researched and tested ourselves and if we do, we’ll tell you. S0, you can trust the reviews you find here. For your convenience we provide links to products we review, so you’re just a click away from obtaining the same quality products. 

We’ll tell you right up front the products we feature here are mostly from Amazon and we make a tiny little commission on each purchase. It helps fund this site and doesn’t add one cent to the cost of the products you purchase here.

Please explore our other pages while here. Our favorite past time is scouring beaches for shark’s teeth and other fossils. You’ll find pages here dedicated to fossil hunting, ocean conservation, beach conservation, and such. We kind of like ocean thingies.

We also welcome your input. If you find a link that doesn’t work, let us know in the comments section. Feel free to add your comments regarding the products we review or tell us what you would like to see a review on, and we’ll hop right to it. Yeah, that pun was intended.

We are seekers of the tooth

We primarily hang out on the beaches around Fernandina, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, FL and points in between searching for just one more shark tooth or fossil to add to our collection. We’re planning a trip to the Gulf side of Florida this winter, so you’ll definitely want to check back for those updates.


  1. captdennis

    ArrrrrrbggggHHHHHHHH come to the Gulf Suncoast matey Arrrggghhhh pirate bootey mate!

    How bout SW Florida Venice Beach sharkey place it is!!

    Aye we got live sharks in Tampa Bay, you must be very good at extraction lol.

    I’m off to check out your gear!

    • KC

      Thanks for checking out the site.Looking for a guide like Paleo Chris to do a bit of inland searching. Prefer the winter months for lower water levels and less gator and snake activity.


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