Tent repair is an inevitable part of tent camping. It can enough to ruin an entire adventure if not addressed ASAP, so it’s good to be prepared to deal with the issue in order to minimize the damage or impact.

Preparation is the key to success


This is a repair kit we have used and had great results with.

Unlike duct tape or similar products, this patch will not get sticky or brittle with time or when exposed to temperature extremes.

The tools you’ll need to make the repair include a pair of scissors, rubbing alcohol, and a clean bit of cloth.

It’s not a bad idea to have some seam sealer along too just in case you have a seam start leaking a bit. We prefer this small size brush-on version to keep our emergency kit as small as possible.

Another essential item for a comprehensive emergency repair kit is a small, compact sewing kit for those rips and tears that too often happen to packs, bags, or other equipment during an outing.

Quick attention to these small incidents can prevent ruining or destroying a piece of your gear beyond repair if left unattended.

Nothing evokes the utterance of  *#$$@@!!!! on a camping trip like snapping a tent pole in two. It does happen, especially with older, weathered fiberglass shafts. That’s why we always have these little jewels on hand.

Yep. It’s just like grandpa used to say, “It’s better to have ’em and not need ’em than to need ’em and not have ’em.” And that is especially true in this case.

They sure beat trying to splint a pole with duct tape and a tent peg! With these, you make a repair, not a patch.

With the few items in this kit, you’ll be prepared to handle virtually any tent emergency or repair that comes along. There’s no better insurance than that.

You’ll also be preventing any minor damage becoming major damage in the long run while ensuring your adventure is as successful as possible.

We also recommend having a small pouch with the appropriate tools all in one location. It’s all about being prepared and having your tools readily available.


Round out your tent’s ERK with this durable bag from Klein Tools. When the last bit of gear you own wears out, this bag will still be around.

It’s tough, durable, and a great way to keep all your tenty bits and bobs all together for fast, easy access when you need most.