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Hunting Fossil Shark Teeth in Venice Florida

Rated: Excellent

Author: Robert L Fuqua

If you’re heading to Venice, FL, this is a must-read. If you’re new to shark’s tooth hunting, this is definitely a must read!

The author provides precise directions to shark tooth and other fossil hunting areas in the Venice, Florida area.

Included is a thorough outline and discussion of Florida’s geologic history complete with charts, graphs, and photographs. This is an easily absorbed presentation regarding the whys and hows of the State’s formation spanning millions of years.

Presented here are facts regarding Florida’s history that will surprise even the native Floridian. Did you know Florida was, at one point, at least twice as it is now?

The author’s enthusiasm is contagious and has one chomping at the bit to get out there and search for Paleozoic treasures and even tells you right where to go to do so.  This is a great book to introduce anyone to the joys and mysteries of fossil and shark’s tooth hunting.

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Fossiling in Florida

A guide for Diggers and Divers

Rated: Informative and entertaining

Author: Mark Renz

This is one of my all-time favorites. Years of field experience pursuing artifacts, fossils, and history are presented in an easy-to-read format all are sure to enjoy.

Chilling accounts of too-close-for-comfort encounters with Florida’s “Thunder Lizards” accent a priceless cache of facts, photos, and descriptive detail. You’ll be hard pressed to put this volume down until you’ve read it at least once.


“Shark, 65-foot long snake-like whales called archaeocete, sea cows, sea turtles, and sea snakes (primitive politicians) also inhabited the waters.” 


How could you not love an author with a sense of humor like that?

There is so much fact-based and historical information contained in this book regarding various species that once roamed Florida and a wealth of geologic information pertaining to an evolution spanning hundreds of millions of years.

I personally value this book as a reference tool, using the photos of various fossils in identifying my own finds and as a guide to identifying locations where fossils are known to be found.

If you’re searching for fossils, including shark’s teeth, in Florida. This is a book you’ll want as an addition to your library.

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Fossil Shark Teeth of the World

Author: Joe Cocke

Rated: Collector’s guide / Identification tool / Reference

This book contains hundreds of detailed pictures and shark tooth terminology for dozens of sharks from around the world. Details included with each photo, wherever possible, classification, anatomy, aggressive behavior, feeding habits, location, lineage, common as well as scientific names, etc.

You’ll have access to detailed, realistic illustrations showing the various parts that make up a typical shark’s tooth. Also included is a geological time chart indicating what animals were present within a given Era or Epoch within an Era, an important detail when aging or identifying a specimen.

As a reference tool, this publication is priceless. As you leaf through the contents you will become more and more familiar with the appearance of various species that identification nearly become a reflex. Finding shark’s teeth provides a thrill. Learning to identify them provides its own form of satisfaction.

Not only is owning this book is a great first step in becoming an expert in this exciting field of amateur paleontology, but it will also serve nicely as a field guide for the professional as well. It small enough to accompany you on a trip to the beach as a handy on-the-spot reference.

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