Protect feet from HOT scorching sand and pavement.

Yeah, I know. Who wears footwear on the beach? Well, me, for one! All those broken shell bits and bobs can wear heavily on feet after walking on ‘em for a few hours at a time.

You know how hot that dry beach sand can get on a sunny day, right? An air temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit is enough to raise the temperature of sand to cause 2nd-degree burns or worse on bare feet!

I needed to give my feet a bit of protection from hot sand and those pokey things up and down the beach, so I found a pair of beach socks by Nordic on Amazon and ordered ‘em. I gotta tell ya they are GREAT. My feet come home from the beach none-the-worse for wear, which makes my trips shark tooth hunting a whole lot more enjoyable.

I’ve been using these for two years now and won’t go to the beach without ‘em. They’re durable, comfortable, and do a great job protecting your feet from scorching hot sand walking to and from the ocean. Honestly, I didn’t think they would last one trip but I was proved wrong on that count. These things last! 

Remember. Your pet’s feet will burn just like yours. Their feet are NOT designed to withstand those types of temperatures either.

You were promised full disclosure and honest reviews, so I have to tell you right now that I don’t have a canine amigo and therefore have not purchased a set of these dog boots. But I have seen what hot surfaces will do to a dog’s feet and feel compelled to ask you to protect your dog’s paws both on and off the beach. I researched several dog boots and the ones listed above appear to be good quality and got good reviews. If you don’t get these, please, find something to protect your fur friend’s paws.