You simply cannot go wrong buying quality outdoor clothing 

When choosing gear that you must depend on, without question, you get what you pay for.

The following recommendations focus primarily on the Outdoor Research brand of headgear. We chose OR products because of all the head covers we have tried, these are the highest quality, most durable products we have found so far.

These products hold their shape, weather well, dry quickly, and protect your ol’ noggin from those intense UV rays.

There’s nuthin’ more grumpy than a toasted Toad, so trust us here…invest in the best. Invest in Outdoor Research headgear. There are several styles to choose from. We’ll start with the Toad’s favorites:



Oh yeah, we listed some cool kid’s lids too. The bright colors make it easier to keep with junior a bit easier when out in the woods or picking him or her out of a crowd. Think Disney on Christmas or New Years. Yikes!!