“I’ve been using my Sand Dipper for 3 years, year around, and it’s still as good as new!”


This handy scoop is great on and off the beach. It’s a back saver on the when shelling or shark’s tooth hunting, great for scooping up golf balls, cleaning up that litter box, and a myriad number of other uses limited only by your imagination.

The Sand Dipper is extremely well constructed with a corrosion/rust resistant stainless steel scoop, telescoping aluminum handle, and can double as a walking stick.

One trip to the beach and you’ll be sold on this little jewel and your back will love you!


  • Lightweight and adjustable from 34” to 64” Breaks down to 22.5” for travel.
  • Cork-rubber handle, strap & stainless 4” steel basket makes beachcombing easy on the back
  • Beach and Salt Water ready. Built tough to last.
  • Double Duty Bonus. Remove the basket and the adjustable pole converts into a walking or hiking pole.
  • 1-Year Warranty: If anything happens to your Sand Dipper within one year of purchase, the manufacturer will replace it at absolutely free with no cost to you.